• BEFORE YOU BEGIN . . . take these 3 steps
    1) PROTECT
    2) BREATHE

  • There is even a kind of crossbreeding, because you affect any system of reality with which you have experience. There are noclosed realities, only apparent boundaries that seem to separate them.

  • Your beliefs can become as flexible as you choose, like supple trees bending with the weight of winter snow patiently awaiting the warm security of spring’s soothing sun.

  • You cannot draw wild conclusions. . .

    Yes, we can.

  • Open a door to the next level.

  • Once you understand what these are, and what effects can be expected, such journeys can be undertaken consciously with the conscious mind that you know acting as the astronaut and the rest of your consciousness acting as the vehicle.

  • . . . yet in other terms it’s like a monument with writing on it, in some other dimension, there for those who want to read it even if generations pass it by.

  • Sometimes an idea just gets under skin and won’t let go. Just like an Ohrwurm, that German phrase for a song or snip of a song, that keeps repeating over and over again in your head.

  • Tell yourself:
    Now I have solved the problems
    that I set out to solve.

  • Like a mindwurm . . . the image persists.
    The persistence of image.

  • Let go of the ordinary
    Look into yourself
    Resonate with this view

  • . . . for those 16 seconds you were not focused on the irritation or irritating person. Your attention was not in the past, nor was it in the future. Your awareness was in the present moment.

  • So what’s the point?
    You can empower yourself, and set the reality that you want into motion, by taking time to communicate with the subconscious and unconscious levels of your mind.

  • Focus on your question to the angels. If you do not have a question, then simply invite the angels into your life.

  • Focus on your question to the angles. If you do not have a question, then simply invite the angels into your life.

  • Ikigai is the answer to those questions that seem to plague most people throughout life . . .
    What should I do with my life?
    What would make me happy?

  • Only by looking quietly within the self that you know can your own reality be experienced, with those connections that exist between the present or immediate self and the inner identity that is multidimensional.

  • In order to flourish and thrive, you must be willing to take charge of your life. The feelings you experience are important keys toward understanding how you operate.

  • It's as if a series of alignments had occurred and the visible world were suddenly lined up with its invisible counterpart, and you realize that before you'd only seen half of reality, half of people's existence. Now the invisible portion fleshes out the exterior to its fullest and supports it . . .

  • Imagine your ideas as the furniture of your mind.
    Arrange and rearrange your ideas like you would furniture. Dance on the floors, walls and ceilings between the ideas of your mind.

  • Often by purposefully trying to slow down your thought processes, or playfully trying to speed them up, you can become aware of memories from other lives - past or future.

  • This exercise will give you some idea of the true nature, creativity and vitality of the soul from which you can draw your own energy and of which you are an individual and unique portion.

  • Stress Relief
    Make yourself as comfortable as possible . . .

  • There are many ways, but only one real way. And the way is to begin the journey into the nature of your own consciousness for the answers are within you and not out from you. And no one can tell you the answers. Each individual will find his own.

  • Start walking, and with each step and as you walk, keep your focus only on the sole of each foot as it hits the ground. As you walk, continually bring your awareness and focus back to the present.

  • Much like tuning of a radio dial to obtain a clear channel, you reach each other by finding the transmitting station of the other and tuning in to that station's frequency . . . all conscious beings have the capacity to receive and send thought waves.

  • Open up this other heroic dimension. The heroic personages are like true adults and we in comparison are like students or younger colleagues. It is, or will be, like coming home to a psychic family. . . . . A kind of homesickness for somewhere you'd never been.

  • The inner senses can be broken down into three primary aspects that work seamlessly in concert, just like our physical senses do:
    1. empathically
    2. conceptually
    3. time-based . . . .

  • Worldview describes a kind of crossbreeding between realities, because you affect any system of reality with which you have experience.
    There are no closed realities
    , only apparent boundaries that seem to separate them. The more parochial your own worldview, the less you will recall of your dreams or your activities in those realities.

  • Synchronicity describes a meaningful unfolding of events that are experienced without apparent order, a so-called divine intervention. When these experiences can be understood in terms of your connection to the ethers, how you create realities, and how your multidimensional selves and guides are all in accord, you will then be able to remap yourselves into a whole new vista of living.

  • Experience Earth from thelines of time, and ask to be shown that which is most significant toward understanding yourself and your link to the stars. Feel the web of light that is the vital grid connecting existence.

  • You can visit the Answer Room anytime you choose to fine-tune your frequency and gain greater clarity about yourself and the world at large.

  • Until further notice celebrate everything


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