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Earworm || Ohrwurm || Mindwurm Part Five || POSTED: 03.01.06 @15:59

Part Five
Babylon Five

Dip your hand in the water.
Dip your hand in the mirror.
Dip your hand in the matrix.
What is below?
What is behind?
What is beyond?
Like a mindwurm . . . the image persists.

A Dream

I am climbing a staircase. The height is dizzying.
I am exhausted.
I come to stairs' end. A Childhood's End.
I can see the other side, but I cannot straddle the distance inbetween. The chasm is too large.
I need to jump.
I jump.
I look behind me.
The rest of the stairs were there all the time,
but they were invisible to me.

Like that Indiana Jones movie, the stairs were there all the time, but I did not see them.

YOU cannot see them, but the stairs are there.
It becomes obvious then that
This is a technique
This is an innate ability
This can be done
This is uncharted territory


-end dream-


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