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Mindwurm Part Six

I forgot.
I forgot about my dream until I saw M. Night Shyamalan in an American Express commercial this morning between bits of Oscar-rehash-fluff.

What a strange little movie.

I thought it was just another sad-sack-slasher flick. At least all the promos I saw said as much to me. So I stayed away. But a couple of nights ago, only trash was on TV and I scanned around and found fake creatures romping about the middle of this movie. So I watched to the end and then fell sleep.

Then it hit me.
My Mindwurm was back again.

The protagonist Ivy Walker is blind.
She goes searching for medicine from beyond the woods which surround the village.

In my dream, I am Ivy Walker.
I am blind.
I am scared.
I am running through the uncharted woods looking for medicine.
All I need to find is that one who will show kindness and who can give me medicine.
I know exactly what Ivy feels because I too am without knowledge.
I too am searching for a medicine from beyond.

Dream within a Dream

Dip you hand into the water
Dip your hand behind the mirror
Dip your hand into the matrix

What is below?
What is behind?
What is beyond?

Obviously The Village is the earth and we - the people on this planet - are happy in our ignorance. Ignorance is bliss.

We have cut out all outside contact . . . all off-planet contact. Our planet is just as isolated as The Village. We are as clueless in the greater universe as the inhabitants of the village are clueless about the rest of the world.

Have we, too, been so brutalized by the universe that we retreated into our village earth?

Are we using space as a border just as the people of the village used the woods for a border?

Is that the joke?

Not only have we isolated ourselves from outlanders, but we have isolated our minds through various dogmas, religions and sciences. We are so proud of our enlightenment but yet we have forgotten so much by living in this village of lost time.

Lost in time.
Frozen in time.
We are frozen in time, just like The Village was frozen in time.




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