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Mindwurm Part Three

Earworm || Ohrwurm || Mindwurm Part Three || POSTED: 02.23.06 @11:11


One morning I wake up in my dream and I am covered by finger-size, pimple-like sores. I press one and out pops a wormlike parasite. I feel sick to my stomach.

I go to my doctor’s office, but they do not understand my urgency. For heaven’s sake, I am covered in sores.

Can’t they see them?

And that’s the surprise. No, they cannot see them. All I get is a blank stare for a response. They tell me to take a seat and wait. ... I am waiting still.

-end of dream-

The way I explain it, is that we live in a 3 x 3 matrix - the proverbial box. If you step outside of the box or if you expand your awareness to that of additional dimensions, then you can SEE a great many other things. That’s what my dream was telling me.

But if we can’t see them, then they don’t exist, right?

These organisms, especially human parasites, live in a realm that is beyond our seeing. Even beyond the sight of the best microscopes.

My mind turns this idea over and over again.

What if some chronic diseases are actually caused by parasites that live beyond or between our simplistic three dimensions? Would that explain arthritis … cancer …. asthma … diabetes … herpes and so on?

Are we missing a critical something because we cannot see it?

Did the mashgiach responsible for keeping the Hebrew kitchen kosher, actually know something about disease that we don’t know today?

What forgotten knowledge are we neglecting?

Is science that close-minded that it cannot see the walls it has created around itself?

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